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About Us

Located at 36 Arlington Street in Nashua, NH, the Arlington Street Community Center officially opened its doors on October 28th, 2017.

The community center is the result of  Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess’ acceptance of the White House initiative My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge under the Obama Administration. The MBK Community Challenge is a national call to action to build and execute robust plans to ensure that all young people – no matter who they are, where they come from, or the circumstances into which they are born – can achieve their full potential. This initiative seeks to eliminate opportunity gaps, barriers, and challenges facing our community, with a particular emphasis on youth of color and individuals in marginalized communities.

In May 2016, a summit initiated by Mayor Donchess’ acceptance of the My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge was attended by over 70 community agencies and city departments.  They identified the need for a community center based on a community school model that operates through partnerships between the city, our schools, and other community resources. 

The community center is operated and maintained  by one full-time Director and several committed volunteers.

Academic Achievement


Health &
Social Services

Youth & Family Development


Community Engagement


We believe community builds community.


Our Mission

Our Mission

The ASCC aims to develop links between schools, families, community partners, and the community-at-large through a safe, welcoming space open to all where services and programs are available to assist with the needs of every student and every family. 


An image of a volunteer in a red shirt and black tie reading a picture book to a group of school aged children.

Courtesy of the Nashua Telegraph

An image of two volunteers teaching an African drumming class.

Our Vision


The ASCC believes in improving student learning, strengthening families, and making our community healthier.

By providing equitable opportunities for all community members, we can eliminate gaps, barriers, and challenges that affect youth and families here in Nashua.



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